Hector Navejas is a Sacramento-based photojournalist also working in commercial and fine art photography. He began his art studies in 1983 at Santa Ana College in southern California.

In 1986 he moved to México City and studied Graphic Design at the National School of Visual Arts of the National Autonomous University of México (UNAM). Photography was part of the program and after various assignments, he soon realized this was his real vocation to express his creativity.

He continued to advance his skills attending several advanced photography courses and workshops at the National Center for the Arts and at the Center for the Image in México City.

His experience in photography includes: Documentary, working in a national program highlighting the conditions of migrant seasonal farm workers in México, also capturing the life of the Mennonites in their communities in the State of Zacatecas, México. In the commercial field, Hector has done special events, editorial, and portraiture. In Travel photography he unfolds the historic richness of the places he shoots and allows the viewer to discover their spectacular architecture, their people, and traditions. Since 2006 to present, he has worked as a photojournalist with Vida en el Valle newspaper, a bilingual publication of the McClatchy Company covering the California state capitol, sports, performing arts, and community events. He has also worked in different fine art projects.

His images have been exhibited in different places in México and the United States and published in various magazines and newspapers such as Pointe, Latino Star, Vixta, Sacramento Bee, La Opinion, El Universal and Sacramento News & Review. He received an honorable mention in the Third Biennial of Photojournalism in México. Two silver and 3 gold awards from the National Association of Hispanic Publications. A Bronze Award from the California Newspaper Publishers Association, and an honorable mention from the McClatchy Newspapers President’s Award.